Sunbird Messaging Expands Beta App Availability to Waitlist Users

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Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 2:28pm UTC

Sunbird Messaging Expands Beta App Availability to Waitlist Users

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NEW YORK, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Sunbird Messaging announced today the expanded availability of its beta app to users on its waitlist. This milestone follows the successful relaunch on April 5 and underscores Sunbird's resilience and dedication to continuous growth and improvement.

Founded in 2022, Sunbird Messaging has distinguished itself in the tech industry by offering a unique solution to the fragmentation of messaging platforms. Over 171,000 Android users joined Sunbird's waitlist, and starting today, these users will begin receiving invitations in phases, ensuring a smooth, secure, and scalable onboarding process. Notably, over 100,000 users signed up for the waitlist at no advertising cost to Sunbird, highlighting the app's organic appeal and strong market demand.

Sunbird's beta app initially supports iMessage, with plans to re-add Google Messages (RCS and SMS) in the near future. Sunbird's recent alpha phase demonstrated significant user engagement, with users already averaging 11 minutes per day in the app, making Sunbird a top performer in terms of daily app usage. The top 10% of users opened the app approximately 27 times per day, with an average session length of roughly two minutes.

Sunbird's approach to bridging the messaging gap between Android and Apple users is rooted in security and innovation. Unlike third-party attempts that involved unauthorized access to iMessage, Sunbird's platform provides a secure bridge for communication within Apple's ecosystem. Since the app's initial public announcement in November 2022, Sunbird received extensive media coverage and tens of thousands of users have communicated through iMessage via Sunbird. This media coverage and usage did not lead to third-party interference, and the company remains confident about its method of securely connecting Android and iPhone users.

Beyond differentiating itself from a technical standpoint, Sunbird addresses broader social challenges, which the company believes cannot be resolved solely through Apple's adoption of RCS. The existence of apps like Sunbird Messaging also helps mitigate regulatory challenges, such as the antitrust scrutiny faced by tech giants, by promoting an inclusive ecosystem that fosters interoperability and open competition among communications hardware and software providers.

Sunbird Messaging remains committed to offering a robust, secure, and unified messaging experience. The company's approach not only enhances user connectivity but also contributes positively to the evolving digital landscape, supporting interoperability, security, and inclusivity.

For more information, visit Sunbird's website.

About Sunbird Messaging

Founded in 2022, Sunbird Messaging is a mobile app designed for Android that seamlessly enables users to send and receive iMessage texts with blue bubbles, offering encrypted text messaging between iMessage and Android—a feature that is otherwise unavailable. Sunbird is a unified messaging inbox for the world's top messaging apps, including iMessage and SMS, with plans to add RCS/Google Messages, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger (Meta), Telegram, Signal, and more.  It operates without the need for workarounds, desktop software, or servers; only an Android phone is required. To join the waitlist, visit Follow @Sunbirdapp on Instagram, X, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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